My Brother-in-Law Demison.

My most beloved kith from my spouse's family. I am delighted to have Demison as my B.I.L. and indeed proud to be his BIL.

Demison is a very talented young man currently doing Business Management studies at Centannial Campus as well as employed full-time.

He loves music, dancing, travelling, watching TV and enjoys good friendship, thus needless to say he has tons of good friends.

He does DJ. Yes, it's his professional field. He facilitates DJ of various natures for all occasions (birthdays, weddings, graduation, anniversaries etc.). The biggest party he attended was in September 1999 where the guests were numbered at a little more than 900 in total.

Demison's latest break was his leadership in arranging a pilgrimage to St.Anne's Church in Quebec for a total of 45 devotees, in August 2000. (The Couch : Max 2000) Most of the devotees were from Kayts.

I like Demision as my BIL and as a good friend in need.

Thank you Demison for being my Brother-in-Law.
Would you like to learn more about him? You may reach him at (416) 419-1946 or send him an email at
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