My whole family with mom and dad.
From L-R: Jenita Mariampillai, Camillus, Jovita DonBosco, Dad Mr.Thuraisingham, Rev.Sr.Felicita, Mom Mrs.Sugirtham Thuraisingham, Cletus, Quintus & Hippolita Mariathasan
Front row: Vigita Engelbert and Merita Ramnath.
Merita's Wedding Day
From L-R: Rev.Sr.Felicita, Hippolita Mariathasan, Vigita Englebert, Mom Mrs.Sugirtham Thuraisingham,
Cletus, Ramnath Easwaran, Merita Ramnath, Camillus, Jovita Don Bosco, Jenita Mariampillai & Quintus
Merita & Ramnath on Meri's 1st Birthday after marriage.
My sister Rev.Sr.Felicita visited Canada in 1999. This photo was taken in Montreal during our trip as a family.
Merita is wondering whether Ram will like Teletubbies or not !!
(Ram actually wanted to buy Barney cake instead....!!)
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